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Wood Piles


Welcome to Custom Sawing WI LLC, the go-to tree care and sawmill provider in the industry. We offer premium services, quality products, and fair pricing that's hard to beat. We understand the value of hard work and determination, and we apply it to every custom sawing job we take on. With our expertise, experience, and attention to detail, we guarantee unique results that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to provide our clients with personalized service and exceptional quality that meets their satisfaction and exceeds their expectations. Choose Custom Sawing WI LLC, and experience the difference today.

Custom Sawing WI LLC is proud to offer professional tree care and quality sawmill services to clients throughout Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized service and attention to each and every project we take on. From aerial trimming to custom rough milling, we are committed to working with our clients to meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your tree care or sawmill needs.

Wood Piles


to military members, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, and veterans. We believe in supporting those who have worked so hard to keep our communities safe and secure. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and products to every customer, no matter who they are or what their needs may be.

Aerial Tree Trimming Fees:

  • Hourly rate- $150.00

Trimmings & Debris are removed.​

High Reach Tree Removal Fees:

  • Rated per foot in height of tree- $10.00-$25.00

Determined by risk assessment per tree.​

Does not include stump grinding.

Sawmill Fees:

  • Custom Milling- $1.00 per board foot.

  • Damaged blade- $35.00


Kiln Fees:

  • Kiln Drying- $0.35 per board foot​​.

Rate multiplied by the thickness in inches.

Millwork Fees:

  • $0.30 per linear foot

Plane, Edge, Rip, Mold, Sand, Stain, Finish​

$0.30 for each step on a single face or edge.

Epoxy Resin Fees:

  • Surfacing & Sanding- $30.00 per square foot

  • Epoxy Resin- $1.25 per ounce


Carpentry Fees:

  • Shop rate- $45.00 per hour

  • On-site rate- $50.00 per hour


Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Sharpening- $10.00 per chain

(3/8" Low Profile, 1/4",  0.325" Low Profile, 0.325", 3/8", and .404")

  • Transport rate- $3.00 per mile

Located in Wittenberg, WI, Custom Sawing WI LLC is the premier provider of expert tree care and sawmill services in the area. Our Wood-Mizer LT15 can handle logs of up to 17’ in length and 28” in diameter, meaning we can provide custom sawing services for all your lumber needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring only the highest quality precision sawn wood is produced for our clients. For any questions, feel free to email us or give us a call to schedule a custom sawing job.

Wood Piles
Wood Piles
  • How do you determine your pricing for custom sawing services?
    At Custom Sawing WI LLC, we charge $1.00 per board foot for our custom sawing services. We take into consideration that every order is unique and requires different levels of attention. However, if you choose to have us kiln dry your material, we charge an additional $0.35 per board foot multiplied by inches in thickness. Our kiln drying process usually brings the moisture content down to 12%. To determine board foot yield, you can refer to either the Doyle or Scribner Scale. On average, you can expect about 800 board feet per cord.
  • What types of wood can Custom Sawing WI LLC source for me?
    Depending on the species and quantity you are looking for, Custom Sawing WI LLC can source both softwoods and hardwoods. Softwoods are generally easier to source, while hardwoods may require more effort and time. CSW LLC can accommodate larger orders of 10, 20, or 30 cords, but can also source smaller single log orders. Please note that the ease of sourcing will depend on the species and quantity you require.
  • How much wood can your kiln space hold and what is the rate for drying?
    Our current kiln space has a capacity of 2,700 cubic feet, which can hold approximately 5,000 board feet of 1" material. The rate for drying is $0.35 per board foot multiplied by inches in thickness. Most of the material is dried down to 12% moisture content. We are also planning to double our kiln capacity by Spring 2024, which will allow us to accommodate more wood and provide quicker turnaround times.
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